Frassetto Law LLP: A Leader in Defense Litigation

At Frassetto Law LLP, we provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services to meet the needs of business and insurance clients throughout California. We serve clients ranging from small family-run businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Our practice focuses on litigation defense, contracts, alternative dispute resolution and risk management.

As a small firm, we offer the advantage of greater efficiency and accessibility than large firms can provide. Our innovative Flex Litigation model allows us to adapt to meet the challenges of claims defense. It also minimizes overhead costs that would otherwise get passed along to clients.

Beyond our case-staffing agility, we meet or exceed the skill level and “horsepower” often associated with large firms. We regularly and successfully defend clients against claims and demands of seven — and occasionally eight — figures. In every case, large or small, our entire team shares a commitment to uphold the highest professional standards while positioning the client for the best possible outcome.

We draw on a wealth of experience, insight and analytical skill to create incisive legal solutions that reflect our clients’ big-picture goals.