Resolving Attorney-Client Fee Disputes Through Arbitration

The lawyer-client relationship is not immune from disputes. Legal fees in particular provide fertile ground for disagreements. In large cases, the attorney fees at issue may exceed thousands or even millions of dollars. Even in smaller cases, fee disputes raise important issues for the attorney and client alike.

In California, fee disputes are often resolved through arbitration. The California State Bar and local bar associations maintain arbitration panels made up of specially trained attorneys to adjudicate these disputes.

Understanding The Arbitration Process

Arbitration provides a more informal setting than court for resolving fee disputes. It also has the advantage of lower costs and confidentiality.

Based on evidence presented at the hearing, the arbitrator determines whether the fees were reasonable in light of the services provided as well as:

  • The terms of the written fee arrangement
  • The amount of time spent on specific services
  • The reasonable value of the services provided
  • Any evidence of incompetence or billing errors

ADR Services

At Frassetto Law LLP, lawyer Robert Frassetto has served extensively as an arbitrator with the Alameda County Bar Association Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Committee. He has undergone extensive training on resolving disputes as an adjudicator. He has also litigated fee disputes involving millions of dollars. As a result, Mr. Frassetto excels at developing effective problem-solving strategies in the context of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). He uses these skills to benefit clients in his private practice.

Attorney Frassetto also serves as a mediator and neutral evaluator. With decades of litigation experience, he brings a well-rounded background to each of these roles.

Learn more about our ADR services in mediation, neutral evaluation and client advocacy.

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