Product Liability Defense

Product liability claims can be among the most challenging a business faces. Not only can the plaintiff assert a number of different liability theories-many forms of strict product liability, negligence, contract theories, etc.-but the business’s position in the chain of distribution can heavily affect its exposure.

With years of experience in a field weighted heavily pro-consumer in California, Frassetto Law LLP attorneys have mastered the intricacies of product liability claims and their underlying legal theories. We litigate these suits aggressively to expose the weaknesses in the plaintiff’s claims, optimize the client’s strategic position should the case go to trial, and minimize the client’s potential liability. And we take action as early as possible in the lawsuit, including by dispositive motion where appropriate, to minimize the client’s costs and exposure. Our field-proven approach has yielded many successful results including the following types of claims:

· Strict liability – manufacturing defect

· Strict liability – design defect – consumer expectations test

· Strict liability – design defect – risk-benefit test

· Strict liability – failure to warn

· Negligence product creation

· Negligent sale/rental

· Negligent maintenance

· Breach of implied warranty of merchantability

· Breach of implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose