Premises Liability & Retail Defense

The attorneys of Frassetto Law LLP have established longstanding relationships with major retail businesses to provide proactive risk-management advice and effective litigation defense. With our years of experience in this field, we are sensitive to the balance that retail stores must strike between aggressively defending claims-and thus discouraging frivolous suits-and maintaining customer goodwill. Our approach is simple: expeditiously identify the liability exposure, strengths and weaknesses of a claim; evaluate the damages, potential full verdict value, and reasonable settlement range; negotiate a fair and efficient resolution if possible; and vigorously defend the client against embellished, frivolous, over-reaching and fraudulent claims and allegations. Throughout the process, we work closely with the client to contain costs proportionate to exposure, minimize the client’s exposure, and preserve the client’s reputation and public image essential to its success.

We have successfully handled the following types of claims for our retail clients:

· Premises liability – dangerous condition of premises

· Employee negligence

· Intentional employee misconduct

· Product liability – strict liability, negligence, failure to warn, contract theories

· Third-party misconduct

· Employment discrimination and harassment

· Wage and hour violations