Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) encompasses a number of methods for resolving and evaluating claims outside of court. Often required by contractual agreements or court order, ADR can serve as a more cost-effective means of conflict resolution.

At Frassetto Law LLP in Oakland, we provide ADR services in mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation and defense representation.

Mediation And Arbitration Services

Senior partner Robert Frassetto has nearly 20 years of experience serving as a private and court-appointed mediator, arbitrator and referee. He facilitates settlement discussions in disputes involving contracts, torts and complex business claims. Mr. Frassetto also draws on decades of multi-jurisdictional litigation experience to provide neutral claim evaluations. A graduate of Harvard Law School’s Negotiating Insight Initiative “Masters In Mediation” program, Mr. Frassetto was selected and served as one of the original 100 California Court of Appeal, First Appellate District mediators.

Defense Representation For Business Clients

A major part of our practice centers on claims defense involving both traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We represent a wide range of business clients across Northern and Central California, applying extensive ADR experience to protect their interests in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Lawyer Robert Frassetto’s experience on all sides of the table — as a mediator, arbitrator and advocate — gives him a well-rounded perspective on how to maximize opportunities for a favorable outcome.

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