Experienced Defense Against Bodily Injury Claims

Frassetto Law LLP is a premier litigation firm serving Northern and Central California. Our attorneys combine large-firm experience with small-firm efficiency to deliver exceptional legal services. As a boutique firm, we offer proven and reliable representation in a cost-effective manner.

Picking Up The Pieces When Something Goes Wrong

Bodily injury claims involve a wide array of circumstances, and each case presents unique challenges. Defending against these claims requires a strong, proactive approach.

Our role is to pick up the pieces when things fall apart. By prioritizing efficiency and developing sensible problem-solving strategies, we stem client losses and protect their ultimate interests.

Our firm serves as a trusted legal advocate and defender for a wide range of businesses and organizations, both small and large, including:

  • Fortune 100 companies
  • Self-insured organizations
  • Family-owned businesses, restaurants, equipment rental companies, towing companies and pest control companies
  • Commercial and residential property owners
  • School districts and educational institutions

With more than 50 years of experience in litigation defense, our lawyers understand the demands of the industries we serve. Clients appreciate our meticulous adherence to deadlines and our circumspect, informative reporting.

Equipped With The Skill, Knowledge And Resources To Serve Client Interests

We defend clients against bodily injury claims ranging from low-exposure “nuisance claims” to seven- and eight-figure demands. Our flex litigation model provides the dynamic resources to handle these claims efficiently and cost-effectively with the assistance of experienced contract attorneys and staff.

As a result of our outstanding reputation in the defense arena in the Bay Area and beyond, we receive a wide range of case referrals in jurisdictions throughout Northern and Central California. We screen all cases carefully. Before accepting a case, we take great care to ensure that it is a good fit for our legal team — and for the client.

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For more information about our defense practice, please contact the firm at our historic Oakland office: 510-817-0465.