Risk Management: Avoiding Costly Litigation Before It Arises

Every business faces exposure to legal liabilities — many on a daily basis. Although risks cannot be completely eliminated, exposure can be reduced and contained by implementing proactive steps to avoid accidents and costly litigation.

At Frassetto Law LLP, we have spent decades advising and defending clients against all types of risks and legal claims, from bodily injury and premises liability to employment lawsuits, environmental exposure, intentional torts and more.

Hindsight is 20/20. We give businesses the benefit of our hindsight and foresight gained by defending businesses against legal claims over the course of several decades.

We have seen what can go wrong in a wide range of contexts. We apply vast experience and robust analytical skills to anticipate vulnerabilities and develop strategies to avert risks.

Preventing The ‘Perfect Storm’

Many lawsuits involve a seemingly perfect storm of circumstances that culminated in a worst-case scenario. With appropriate planning and foresight, even “perfect storms” can often be anticipated and avoided.

Our attorneys partner with businesses to reduce their exposure to liability. We do this by:

  • Reviewing the day-to-day operations of the business to identify vulnerabilities
  • Evaluating potential grounds for legal liability
  • Developing policies and protocols for reducing risks

Implement Proactive Strategies For Reducing Your Risk

When it comes to litigation, the best defense is to prevent the precipitating event. Learn more about how our lawyers can help your organization take a proactive stance in managing risks. Call 510-817-0465 or send us an email to get started.

Based in Oakland, we provide risk management guidance for businesses across Northern and Central California. Our clients range from small, family-run businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We shape the service to suit the need.