Contractual Arbitration Enforcement

California encourages arbitration as an effective, low-cost way for businesses to resolve their disputes outside of the court system. Many businesses choose to avail themselves of its benefits by agreeing to arbitration clauses in their contracts, but then find themselves forced into court anyway over disputes the contracts were intended to cover. At Frassetto Law LLP, we use our experience with the California Arbitration Act (“CAA” – Code Civ. Proc. §§ 1280-1294.2) to fight for the benefit our clients bargained for: efficient, fair and effective resolution through arbitration. And we draw on both our knowledge of CAA procedure and our wide-ranging litigation experience in representing our clients through the arbitration process. Our contractual arbitration practice includes:

  • Breach of contract claims between businesses
  • Claims arising from employment contracts
  • Claims arising from consumer contracts